CONFERENCE PROGRAM 2017 (work in progress)

DAY 1 - Monday, November 27

  • 8:30 Registration
  • 9:00 Plenary session. Opening Remarks

    By Bernard Schopfer, Yacht Racing Forum CEO

  • 9:07 Welcome message

    Rabih Azad-Ahmad (vice-mayor for sports and culture, City of Aarhus)

  • 9:20 Opening keynote presentation
  • 9:40 Coffee break / Speed Networking
  • Chaired by ... Module 1 - MARKETING AND MEDIA
  • 10:10 How to set up an efficient sponsorship pitch?

    Ten basic rules to convince potential partners.


    Alistair Watkins, Managing Director, Influence Sports

    Nick Moloney, Molokai Group

    Jonathan Levy, Director of sponsorship, Clipper Ventures

  • 10:55 Social media - State of play: Where does the world of digital and social media head to and how can sailing benefit from it?

    By Phil Jenkins, award winning social media expert and passionate sailor.

  • 11:15 Can virtual sailing contribute to the growth of the sport?

    Millions of virtual sailors compete in the Vendée Globe and other sailing races online… Does the sport of sailing benefit from it at all?


    Philippe Guigné, Virtual Regatta

  • 12:00 How can we make sailing more interesting on TV , and increase the global reach of the sport?


    Hugh Chambers, Chief Commercial Officer, World Sailing

    Marcus Baur, managing director, SailTracks

    Andrew Miller, Nautical Channel

  • 12:45 Lunch Break
  • 14:15 New events taking the world by surprise: What is the key to their success? How long will they last?

    Sailors Championsleague, Star Sailors League, Superfoiler Grandprix, Youth America’s Cup, Foiling Week, Class Ultim: there are many new sailing events. Do they fill a gap? Are they welcomed by the (established) sailing community? Will they last?


    Luca Rizzotti, Foiling Week

    Ben Remocker, Class Manager 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17

  • 15:00 Bart’s Bash - How can a new, creative approach contribute to the growth of the sport?


    Tony Bishop

    Richard Percy

  • 15:15 How can we consistently promote sustainability at the heart of yacht racing?

    5′ introduction by World Sailing, followed by a panel discussion. The sport as a whole is concerned and needs to take measures, on many fronts:
    -Boats life cycle
    -Event organizers
    -Regatta support


    Dan Reading, Sustainability Programme Manager, World Sailing

    Jeremy Pochman, President, 11th Hour Racing

    Mark Davis, Sailors for the Sea

  • 16:05 Coffee Break
  • 16:30 Topical presentation, subject tbc
  • 16:50 How can the sports of sailing counter the continued shortage of women sailors?

    Women in sailing: Have the new rule changes in the Volvo Ocean Race, GC 32 Class or other events have a positive outcome on team composition and performance?

    5′ introduction by Liz Russell with detailed statistics, followed by a panel discussion


    Nick Moloney, Molokai Group Limited

    Liz Rushall, Rushall marketing

  • 17:35 Strategies for cities, yacht clubs, marinas and real estate developments willing to benefit from sailing events

    Sailing can be an efficient vector of development for cities and venues, but success isn’t guaranteed. What are the keys to a successful partnership? What are the mistakes to avoid?


    Stephen Willacy Aarhus Chief City Architect

    Lorient / Région Bretagne

    Stephen Willacy, City architect, Aarhus

  • 20:00 Gala evening reception provided by North Sails

DAY 1 - Monday, November 27

  • 8.30 Registration
  • 9.00 Plenary session. Opening Remarks

    By Bernard Schopfer, Yacht Racing Forum CEO

  • 9:07 Welcome message

    Rabih Azad-Ahmad (vice-mayor for sports and culture, City of Aarhus)

  • 9:20 Opening keynote presentation
  • 9:40 Coffee break / Speed Networking
  • Chaired by Dobbs Davis and Sophia Urban DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY SYMPOSIUM
  • 10:10 Performance multihulls - challenges and opportunities

    Bridging the gap between confort, safety and performance.

  • 10:55 Topical presentation - How can learnings from the Vendée Globe be implemented into other racing yachts?
  • 11:15 Super-yachts - How do the rating rules impact design and performance?

    Design evolution; balance between performance, safety and comfort.

  • 12:00 - Session chaired by Lucas Rizzotti Foiling boats - What are the latest developments and potentials? What will be the next ones?

    Will we see foils on mainstream cruise / race boats?


    David Raison (SeaAir)

  • 12:45 Lunch Break
  • Multihulls & Foils
  • 14:15 Topical presentation: The recent developments in materials have led to radical changes in performance, but also in boat building. What challenges does this bring to boat builders, and how difficult is it to adapt ?

    By: Yann Penfornis, CEO, Carboman

  • 14:35 Class Ultime - Architectural and Engineering Wonders

    The Ultime Class has been setting new standards in performance thanks to yacht design and engineering. What are the main challenges and what are the next steps?


    Yann Penfornis, CEO, Carboman

  • 15:20 How can data analysis contribute to improvement of the design process & performance?


    Dimitri Nikolopoulos, KND-SailingPerformance

  • 16:05 Coffee Break
  • 16:30 Topical Presentation - Round the world speed records: towards an intelligent and connected boat

    With: Sebastien Rogues and Laure Caucanas, Pegasius

  • 16:45 Equipment lessons from the America’s Cup

    Are there still any trickle down benefits from America’s Cup technology?

    Do mainstream sailors benefit from sailing’s pinnacle event ?

  • 17:30 Topical presentation - How does the evolution of composite materials impact yacht design & performance?

    By Paolo Manganelli, Senior Engineer, Gurit

  • 17:45 A vision for the future - New design and engineering concepts


    Edouard Kessi, Next Technologies

  • 20:00 Gala evening reception provided by North Sails

DAY 2 - Tuesday, November 28

  • 9.00 Plenary session. Opening Remarks
  • 9.05 Keynote presentation by Kim Andersen, President, World Sailing

    Kim Andersen, President, World Sailing

  • 09:25 Risk management & safety : What are the risks for event organisers, classes and clubs, and what can they do to reduce them ?

    The sport of sailing has changed dramatically over the past years, with faster boats that can be a real source of concern for event organizers, yacht clubs and classes.


    Keith Lovett – MS Amlin – Senior Underwriter – Speciality Yacht and Marine Trade

    Hasso Hoffmeister, Senior Principal Engineer, DNVGL (former Germanischer Lloyd)

    Sarah Allan – Maritime Solicitor – Bentleys, Stokes and Lowless

    John Quigley, Chief Executive, QXI International

  • 10:10 Crisis management

    How can sailing teams and event organizers prepare for or respond to a crisis?

    By: Sarah Allan – Maritime Solicitor – Bentleys

  • 10:25 Coffee break
  • 10:50 How can technology contribute to the safety of the sport of sailing?

    What are the latest developments in terms of crew safety? Are there any technical novelties to prevent risks and accidents?


    James Hall, Sales & Marketing Manager, Spinlock Ltd

    Rémi Finiel, Forward WIP

  • 11:30 Can weather forecasting tools help improve safety during sailing / racing events?

    With: Christian Dumard, sailor and router

  • 11:45 Are the current racing formats, classes and events adapted to modern life?

    The sport of sailing is under pressure, with too many classes and events. Which ones will make it to 2020? Should (and can) World Sailing regulate this?


    Ian Walker, Director of Racing, Royal Yachting Association, UK

    Ben Remocker, Class manager, 49er, 49erFX and Nacra 17

    Christian Scherrer, Class manager, GC32

    Philip Lotz, Commodore New York Yacht Club

    Alastair Fox, Director of Events, World Sailing

  • 12:45 Lunch provided by World Sailing / Aarhus 2018
  • 13:45 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image prize giving ceremony
  • 14:00 Mirabaud Sailing Video Award prize giving ceremony
  • Chaired by Dawn Riley Module 4 - TOP OF THE SPORT
  • 14:15 Success Story: Why has Banque Populaire chosen sailing as a commercial platform and how have they turned this partnership into a success

    Armel Le Cleac’h victory in the Vendée Globe has had a huge commercial impact in France and beyond. Thierry Bouvard, sponsorship manager, Banque Populaire, details the keys to this success.

    By Thierry Bouvard, sponsorship manager, Banque Populaire

  • 14:35 Ultime Class - presentation, goals, programme

    This will be the most exciting class to follow in the coming years, bringing the sport of sailing to a new dimension !


    Thierry Bouvard, sponsorship manager, Banque Populaire

  • 15:20 Afternoon Coffee Break
  • 15:45 Is match racing still a viable pathway to the top of the sport for the younger sailors?

    The gap between club match racing, the World Match Racing Tour and the America’s Cup seems enormous. How can younger sailors make it to the top?

  • 16:30 Volvo Ocean Race update with Mark Turner and Richard Mason, in Cape Town
  • 16:45 35th America's Cup assessment / Presentation of the new Olympic Games offshore Class, by Gary Jobson

    Gary Jobson is a World class sailor, television commentator, Vice President of the International Sailing Federation World Sailing.

  • 17:00 What future for the America’s Cup

    Type of boats, nationality rule, format of the event, interpretation of the Deed of Gift: what are the industry’s wishes?


    Gary Jobson, Vice-President, World Sailing.

  • 17:45 Ends