Sunday, October 21, 5:00 PM

Informal welcome drink provided by Akzo Nobel

Restaurant Quai Ouest, Base Sous-Marins Keroman, Lorient

DAY 1 - Monday, October 22

  • 8:30 Registration
  • 9:00 Plenary session. Opening Remarks

    By Bernard Schopfer, Yacht Racing Forum CEO

  • 09:05 Welcome message

    By Mrs. Thérèse Thiéry, 1st Vice President – Lorient Agglomération

  • 09:10 Opening keynote presentation by Chris Nicholson

    Chris Nicholson is a Volvo Ocean Race skipper and watch captain, six times sailing world champion, double Olympian


    Chairman: Gary Jobson

  • 09:40 How can we bring more youngsters into the sport, and keep them once they have completed their junior sailing career?

    How do you get more kids into the sport? What classes and events are adapted to kids sailing? What are the “bridges” that help youngsters make it to the top?


    -Andy Rice, founder, Sailing Intelligence

    -Nicolas Hénard, President, French Sailing Federation FFV

    -Rob Holden, Training Delivery Manager, World Sailing

    -Martin Wadhams, Chairman – RS Sailing, organizer of the RS Games 2018

  • 10:25 What are the specificities of an event organized specifically for kids & youngsters? Can it be profitable?

    Some sailing events manage to reassemble more than 1’000 happy kids. What is their recipe? What does it cost and what does it bring ?


    • Conrad Humphreys, former Vendée Globe sailor and managing director of Sport Environment
    • Jean-Luc Michon, Chairman of EURILCA (european Laser class association), measurer and international WS referee
    • Olivier Latin, organiser, Optimist European Championships 2019, Crozon Morgat (FRA)
    • Corinne Migraine, French Sailing Federation Vice-President in charge of Racing

  • 11:10 Coffee break
  • 11:40 Sailing equipment for women: solutions to a glaring inadequacy

    By Rémi Finiel, founder, Forward WIP

  • 12:00 Dynamic classes and successful events to contribute to the development of the sport and the increase in participation.


    Phil Lotz, Commodore, New York Yacht Club, presenting the IC 37 Class

    Morten Brandt Rasmussen, founder of the Silverrudder Challenge and Vegvisir Race

    Rachel Fallon Langdon, Team manager, Phaedo

    Randy Draftz, owner of Charleston Yachting and event director for the Sperry Top – Sider Charleston Race Week.

    Jonathan Levy, Clipper Ventures

  • 12:45 Lunch Break

    Chairman: Marcus Hutchinson

  • 14:00 Race Boats Insurances: What are the keys to insuring your boat, what are the risks covered and is it expensive?


    -Adrienne Cahalan, Pro sailor and marine insurance lawyer

    -Olivier de Roffignac, Pantaenius Insurances

    -Keith Lovett, Senior Underwriter, MS Amlin

    -Paul Miller, Director of Underwriting, Hiscox MGA

    -Nicolas Loyer, broker at CAP MARINE

  • 14:45 Sustainability: The Power of Sport to Create Change


    -Jeremy Pochman, Co-Founder and Strategic Director, 11th Hour Racing
    -Damian Foxall, Sustainability Manager and Crew, Vestas 11th Hour Racing
    -Lucy Hunt, Sustainability Education Program Manager, Volvo Ocean Race

  • 15:15 Morbihan's success model in competitive sailing

    This part of the world’s achievements is unprecedented, both from a sport and industry point of view. What are the keys to this success?

    Introduction by Carole Bourlon: Bretagne Sailing Valley key figures

    Panel discussion with: 

    Alain Gautier, winner, Vendée Globe 1992-93

    Christophe Baudry, Manager – Lorient Grand Large

    Thierry Verneuil, President of ENVSN (Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques) and President of Team France

    Tim Mourniac, World Champion Youth Sailing World Championship in 2016 (Nacra 15)

  • 16:00 Coffee Break presented by Plastimo
  • 16:30 Sailing for a cause: questionable alibi or sincere commitment?

    Is sailing for a cause commercially profitable?

    How can such a project bring a concrete return to its heartfelt partner?


    • David Sineau, Team manager, Initiatives-Coeur
    • Jacques Valente, transplanted sailor about to sail the Route du Rhum
    • Jonathan Levy, Clipper Ventures
    • Andrew Pindar OBE DL

  • 17:00 How to prevent injuries through a proper diet

    How to perform better for extended days/weeks and recover faster each day for multi-day racing, through training regimen, food and hydration. 

    By Chloë Lanthier, consultant in sports medicine

  • 17:15 Will the new offshore Beneteau Figaro ever be an Olympic Class?

    With: Gianguido Girotti, General Manager, Beneteau

  • 17:35 How to deal with the new risks associated with foiling and competitive sailing


    -Michel Kermarec, engineer and designer, member of the New York Yacht Club American Magic design team

    -Rémi Finiel, founder, Forward WIP

    -Luca Rizzotti, founder, The Foiling Week

    -Marc Bouët, International Jury and Rules adviser

  • 18:20 End
  • 18:30 Transfer by coach to the evening reception
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Gala evening reception provided by North Sails and Bretagne Sailing Valley at the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly

DAY 1 - Monday, October 22

  • 8.30 Registration
  • 9.00 Plenary session. Opening Remarks

    By Bernard Schopfer, Yacht Racing Forum CEO

  • 9.05 Welcome message

    By Mrs. Thérèse Thiéry, 1st Vice President – Lorient Agglomération

  • 9:10 Opening keynote presentation by Chris Nicholson

    Chris Nicholson, Volvo Ocean Race skipper and watch captain, six times sailing world champion, double Olympian


    Chairman: Dobbs Davis

  • 09:40 The importance of aerodynamics in performance yacht design

    Yann Penfornis, CEO, Multiplast / Carboman

    Merfyn Owen, naval architect

    JB Braun, Director of Design and Engineering at North Sails

    Julien Pilate, design services, North Sails

  • 10:30 The latest innovations in composite rigging

    By Jonathan Duval, head of the R&D Department at Future Fibres, part of Southern Spars group

  • 10:50 Offshore technology development from a sailor’s perspective

    By: Ryan Breymaier

  • 11:10 Coffee Break
  • 11:40 What are the latest tools for Data Analysis and how do they contribute to the increase of performance?


    • Dimitri Nicolopoulos, KND-SailingPerformance
    • Dan Primorose, Co-founder of SmartSail, founder of Light Black Design and Primrose Fry Products
    • Denis Glehen, CEO, GSEA Design
    • Charlie Carter – Hardware Product Manager and Project Sales at Spinlock

  • 12:25 Can racing boats paints & coats improve performance whilst being respectful of the environment?

    By Gareth Thomas, Technical Support Team Manager, Akzo Nobel

  • 12:45 Lunch Break
  • 14:00 Is foiling ready for the next generation development? - Session chaired by Luca Rizzotti


    • Michel Kermarec, engineer and designer, member of the New York Yacht Club American Magic design team
    • Renaud Bañuls, founder, Bañulsdesign
    • Maël Devoldere, Senior Engineer & foiling specialist, GSea Design
    • Hugo Feydit, R&D engineer, SEAir
    • Hugo Kerhascoët Autopilot expert , Madintec
    • Tommy Gonzales, owner, Fast Forward Composites

  • 15:00 The future of sailmaking

    By Bill Pearson, Head of Materials, North Sails

  • 15:30 Recent developments in the structural design of IMOCA60s


    Katia Merle, Project Engineer – Gurit Composite Engineering
    Paolo Manganelli – Principal Engineer – Gurit Composite Engineering

  • 16:00 Coffee break presented by Plastimo
  • 16:30 What are the latest innovations from the French sailing scene?


    -Michel Desjoyeaux, Vendée Globe winner, 2000 – 2008

    -Yann Dollo, Deputy General Manager, CDK Technologies

    -Luc Talbourdet, CEO, Avel Robotics

    -Jean-François Cuzon, founder, Pixel sur Mer

  • 17:10 What are the trickle down benefits from the America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and other high-end sailing events?


    Vincent Lauriot Prévost

    Loïck Peyron

    Benoit Lebizay, Managing Partner, Gunboat

  • 17:30 What is the next America's Cup going to look like from a technical point of view?

    Gary Jobson, vice-President of World Sailing, former America’s Cup sailor, TV expert and America’s Cup commentator

    Bruno Dubois, sailing teams manager (Dongfeng, Groupama Team France and much more…)

    Andy Claughton

    Gautier Sergent, Ineos Sailing Team

  • 18:15 End
  • 18:30 Transfer by coach to the evening reception
  • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Gala evening reception provided by North Sails and Bretagne Sailing Valley at the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly

DAY 2 - Tuesday, October 23

  • 9:00 Plenary session. Opening Remarks
  • 9:05 Keynote presentation by Charles Caudrelier, winner, Volvo Ocean Race and Bruno Dubois, former team manager, Dongfeng Race Team and team manager, Sail GP
  • Module 3 - MARKETING & MEDIA

    Chairman: Andy Rice

  • 9:25 Photographers, cameramen and OBR: the sports' unsung heroes.

    Are these key players in the development of sailing properly valued?


    -Brian Carlin, VOR OBR

    -Martin Keruzoré, VOR OBR

    -Matthew Sheahan, Head of Performance Sailing, Sunset+Vine

  • 10:10 Marketing: What can sailing as a competitive sport bring to a big corporation?

    By Nathalie Quéré, Campaign Director, team AkzoNobel, VOR 2017-18

  • 10:30 Coffee Break
  • 11:00 Presentation of a new sailing media that will rock the world of sailing

    By Pierre-Yves Lautrou

  • 11:05 Social media for sailing - myth and reality / theory and practice

    What global social media strategies are effectively applicable to the sport of sailing and how can the e-sport contribute to the promotion of the sport?


    -Stan Thuret, sailor and filmmaker

    -Philippe Guigné, founder, Virtual Regatta

    -Alain Lanckbeen, CEO, ALL4ONE consulting

    -Andraž Mihelin / CEO Thinkseascape

  • 11:45 Route du Rhum: Recipe for success

    Why is this regatta one of France’s most popular sailing events?


    -Hervé Favre, President, OC Sport Pen Duick

    -Loïck Peyron, Route du Rhum title holder

  • 12:05 Lorient - Les Bermudes - Lorient: Revival of an old Lady

    Christophe Baudry, General Manager, Lorient Grand Large

  • 12:20 Lunch Break
  • 13:45 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image and Sailing Video Award prize giving ceremony

    Celebration of the best sailing photos and videos produced this year, and their authors.

    Presentation chaired by Sophia Urban and Gary Jobson

  • Module 4 - TOP OF THE SPORT

    Chairman: Marcus Hutchinson

  • 14:05 Class Ultime - How far and how fast will they ever go?


    • Armel Le Cleac’h, skipper, Banque Populaire
    • Emmanuel Bachellerie, general manager, Class Ultim and SAS Brest Ultim Sailing
    • Renaud Bañuls, founder, Bañulsdesign
    • Joseph Maguet, project manager, ULTIM MACIF 100, Banque Populaire 9, SODEBO 5 etc.
    • Xavier Guilbaud, naval architect, VPLP

  • 14:50 Class 40: The sports most popular offshore class! What makes it so special and successful?


    -Merfyn Owen, yacht designer

    -Halvard Mabire, Class 40 manager

  • 15:20 Star Sailors League Nations Gold Cup: Presentation of a new global sailing event that will take the sailing world by surprise !

    An alternative to the sport as we know it


    Mateusz Kusznierewicz, Finn Olympic champion (Atlanta) and multiple sailing world champion (Stars, Finn).

    Michel Niklaus, Founder, Star Sailors League

  • 15:40 Coffee Break
  • 16:10 What future for the Volvo Ocean Race?

    Richard Mason, Volvo Ocean Race

  • 16:30 Developments expected for the IMOCA Class

    Founded in 1991, the IMOCA class  has generated countless innovations. Can it still evolve while guaranteeing the safety of the sailors, and adapt to fully crewed navigation?


    -Michel Desjoyeaux, winner, Vendée Globe 2000 and 2008

    -Antoine Mermod, President IMOCA

    -Anne-Claire Le Berre, Engineer and Naval Architect – triple Olympic Games participant.

    -Quentin Lucet, naval architect, VPLP

    -Bruno Dubois

    -Paolo Manganelli, Principal Engineer, Gurit Composite Engineering

  • 17:25 Official launch of the TF 35: Lake Geneva’s new spectacular foiling catamaran

    Eight of this foil-assisted, super fast catamaran have already been ordered.


    -Gonzalo Redondo, Owner and Managing Director of D3 Applied Technologies

    -Bertrand Favre, TF 35 Class manager

  • 17:40 What shall we expect from the 36th America's Cup? Will the equipment and format be relevant to the sailing scene?

    Will the next AC bring back an audience? Will it help grow the sport?


    Phil Lotz, Commodore, New York Yacht Club

    Michel Kermarec, engineer and designer, member of the New York Yacht Club American Magic design team

    Christian Karcher, triple America’s Cup winner and Youtuber

    Gary Jobson

    Jack Griffin

  • 18:30 End
  • 7:00 PM, Post-Event Drinks Reception provided by GAC Pindar, Restaurant Le Square, 26-28, rue Poissonnière (300 meters away from Palais des Congrès).

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