Chloë Lanthier

Chloë has a BA in Exercise Physiology and a Master in Sports Biomechanics & Human Performance. A consultant in sports medicine, she is an international leader in sports rehabilitation and performance training, she works with some of the best Sports Orthopedic Clinics and Professional Team in North America and in Europe. Chloë is the founder of the X-Training School offering mountain running training camps and educational seminars for the athletes. Chloë is a writer and a frequent speaker at sporting event.

An elite athlete herself, she is the first woman to have cross the Iditarod Trail 1850km,  unsupported in the winter on her bike, from Anchorage to the Arctic circle. She has completed 5 Marathon des Sables with podiums, she has won world cups on her mountain bike, won many Ultra Mountain Running races, and climb and skied many remote peaks. Canadian she lives in Chamonix France.