CEO, GSea Design

Denis Glehen

Born in 1968, Denis is an aeronautical engineer specialized in the structural design of racing yachts. In 2010, he created GseaDesign – a structural calculation company that took momentum when it partnered with HDS in 2015.

For 24 years, Denis has worked on most of the racing monohullsand multihulls in France. With his team, he contributed to victories in the most famous international sailing races. Denis has been an active member of GroupamaTeam during the 2012 Volvo and since 2014 was involved as a core team member in LunaRossaACC34 and GroupamaTeam France.

Thanks to his passion for digital technologies, he is now managing a team of 17 Engineers and PhD. He and his team always try to develop innovative structural engineering for racing and cruising boats.