Jacques Valente

Born on the shores of Lake Geneva (Switzerland), Jacques Valente has always been passionate about sailing and regattas. It was this passion that led him to participate in the 2003 Mini Transat. In 2007 during the same race, Jacques is forced to give up in Madeira (Portugal), because of a net stop of his renal system. From then on, his life changes. He is on the list of organ applicants. The following year, a rare event, he receives a kidney from a compatible living donor, who is none other than his best friend.

Having recovered from his transplant, the navigator sets off in 2014 (outside the race) in the wake of the tenth Route du Rhum, and sails under the colours of organ donation. Since then, he has maintained a privileged relationship with the staff of the Pointe-à-Pitre University Hospital, particularly on issues related to transplantation.

Ten years after his operation, Jacques will take part in the 11th Route du Rhum, under the colours of organ donation. A new challenge to thank life, and all those who accompanied him in this ordeal.” My boat will be the ambassador of generosity,” he announces.