Morten Brandt Rasmussen

I hold a master degree in communications and sports. I’ve worked as a journalist until 2015. I was the editor in chief of the Danish yachting media BådNyt for 7 years. It was in this position I created the Silverrudder Challenge concept in 2012. Looking at marathon and triathlon I was certain that many of the indeed capable weekend sailors could be reactivated to participate in regatta sailing again if they got the right challenge. 

In 2015 I started my own communication and event bureau Shorthand ECM as I’m highly motivated to create new sailing events. I believe that the generic concept of an event is overlooked but very powerfull means of communication. Both in terms of engaging the participants, the local communities and the logistical partners from co-arranging sailing clubs. And of course the event can bring customers and a business together both digitally before and after the event and in real world as the event goes down. 

In 2016 the koncept of Vegvisir Race surfaced. It’s based on my experiences from Silverrudder Challenge and other races. I think the new event better and safer and that it’s possible to export the setup to other sailing areas around the world.