Managing Director, PROtect Tapes

Pietro Parmeggiani

Pietro Parmeggiani is the Managing Director and owner of PROtect tapes, a young and tiny Italian company based in Rimini (Italy) on the Adriatic coast and a subsidiary in USA with customer all over the world.
The critical factors of his success are the combination of his business (he is CEO of multinational company as well) and sailing experience, with his professional skills in the polymer and adhesives industry.
He was the inventor of the well-known PTFE “Millionaire” tape and the driving force behind some of the most clever and also simple and useable products for fastest racing yachts and teams in recent years.
In 2013 his patented LOOPX the strongest man made adhesive tape, followed by the WINGLAR shrink skin wing membrane used in the last two America’s Cup and in 2018 his team successfully launched BOW#, the stickers for bow numbers and advertising made of bioplastics and fully biodegradable, just to mention a few.
He remains faithful to the same philosophy: improving the reliability of boats through innovation, never being satisfied, maintaining a taste for challenges and results, aiming to be the preferred supplier to top teams.