The Yacht Racing Forum is the leading annual conference for the business of sailing and yacht racing.

Business & Marketing

The Business & Marketing conference focuses on the commercial aspects of the sport: sponsorship, event organisation, marketing, communication, venues, yacht clubs… It is a must attend event for organisers, sailing teams, venues, sponsors, yacht clubs and agencies in the yacht racing industry.

Design & Technology

Held on Day 1 only, the Design & Technology Symposium focuses on the latest developments and innovations within yacht racing. This includes the latest technology from the America’s Cup, safety innovations, foils and flying boats, rigid sails and new materials.

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The YRF is the only business to business conference that brings together the key players from across the whole yacht racing industry.


YRF provides the chance to discuss the issues facing the sport and to share best practice.


It also facilitates business development through providing quality networking opportunities with decision makers from all areas within the industry.