Sunday, November 22, 5:00 PM

Pre-event informal welcome drink

DAY 1 - Monday, November 23

  • 8:30 Registration
  • 9:00 Opening Remarks

    By Bernard Schopfer, Yacht Racing Forum organiser

  • 9:05 Introduction by Shirley Robertson
  • 09:10 Welcome message

    By David Williams, Chief Executive Officer at Portsmouth City Council and Gosport Borough Council

  • 09:20 Opening keynote presentation

  • 09:45 Reboot! How do we get our sport back on track after a lost season and a complete disruption of the supply chain?


    Randy Draftz, Charleston Yachting & Regatta Management

    James Toller, Director of brand partnerships and sponsorships consultancy, Mallory Group

    Bruno Dubois, Team Manager, France sailGP Team

  • 10:25 Are we unique? Differences and similarities between sailing and other sports

    Richard Moore, CEO at Alter Agency and Founder of Gregory’s Tree Fruit Snacks

  • 10:45 Coffee break
  • 11:20 Yacht Racing sponsorship: What are the expectations and objectives of companies wishing to sponsor sailing?


    Merrick Haydon, Managing Director, rEvolution

    Charlie Dewhurst, commercial director, SailGP

  • 12:00 Social media in 2021: dos and dont’s
  • 12:15 Latest trends in sailing communication and marketing


    Chris Museler, journalist, New York Times

    Andrew Preece, Executive Director at Sunset+Vine

    YJA representative

    Jesus Renedo, sailing photographer

  • 12:55 Lunch Break

  • 14:30 World Sailing update
  • 14:45 How can we increase participation in a declining market, and encourage the younger generation to join?


    Ian Walker, Director of Racing, Royal Yachting Association

    Dawn Riley, Executive director of Oakcliff Sailing

  • 15:25 What professional opportunities does the sport offer to youngsters willing to work in the sailing industry?

    James Ward, Managing Director, Marine Resources 

    Ian Williams, pro sailor

  • 16:05 Coffee break

  • 16:40 Lessons Learned from Marine Accidents

    With Roger Brydges | Inspector of Marine Accidents, Marine Accident Investigation Branch

  • 16:55 Can (sailing) events be protected against cancellations for unforeseen reasons ?


    Sarah Allan, partner, Pennington Manches Cooper

    Paul Miller, Director of Underwriting, Hiscox MGA

  • 17:30 Latest developments in yacht racing safety

    James Hall, Marketing & Sales Manager at Spinlock Ltd

  • 17:45 How should Risk Management & Safety be integrated into teams and events management and planning to help reduce exposure to potential costs ?

    Keith Lovett, Managing Director & Senior Underwriter at Stoneways Marine
    Oscar Mead, Director / Product designer, TeamO Marine Safety Products

  • 19:00 Walk to the evening reception, at the BAR America’s Cup Base
  • 19:30 Evening reception & Mirabaud Sailing Video Award prize giving ceremony

DAY 1 - Monday, November 23

  • 8.30 Registration
  • 9.00 Opening Remarks

    By Bernard Schopfer, Yacht Racing Forum organiser

  • 9.05 Introduction by Shirley Robertson
  • 9.10 Welcome message

    By David Williams, Chief Executive Officer at Portsmouth City Council and Gosport Borough Council

  • 9:20 Opening keynote presentation

  • 09:45 Latest technological developments from the America’s Cup
  • 10:25 TBC
  • 10:45 Coffee break
  • 11:20 Foil control systems for big boats
  • 11:55 New electronic solutions for better performance

    Knut Frostad, President & CEO at Navico

  • 12:15 New talent in sailing technology

    Some of the best students involved in academic research on sails & foils are invited to present their research.

  • 12:55 Lunch Break
  • DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY SYMPOSIUM - afternoon session

  • 14:30 How do routing tools and technologies influence performance and yacht design
  • 15:15 Topical presentation, subject tbc
  • 15:45 Latest innovations in composite materials
  • 16:05 Coffee break
  • 16:40 The eco-boat: Technical solutions and constraints
  • 16:55 Topical presentation subject tbc
  • 17:15 Topical presentation subject tbc
  • 17:30 What is the impact of the new Ocean Race on IMOCA design and engineering?
  • 19:00 Walk to the evening reception, at the BAR America’s Cup Base
  • 19:30 Evening reception & Mirabaud Sailing Video Award prize giving ceremony

DAY 2 - Tuesday, November 24

  • 8:30 Registration
  • 9:00 Opening Remarks
  • 9:05 Keynote presentation
  • Module 4 - SAILING: STATE OF THE SPORT, Presented by 11th Hour Racing

  • 9:25 The complex history of International Yacht Racing events in the UK

    Conrad Humphreys, MD Sport Environment, former triple round the world yachtsman and keynote speaker for sport, business and sustainability

    Leslie Ryan, Director of Sailing Projects at Origin Sports Group

    Don Mc Intyre, Owner, Director and CEO Ocean Globe Race at Ocean Frontiers Pty ltd

  • 10:10 Review of women in sailing strategy - what was achieved over the year since last forum and what actions can be made in key events going forward.

    Victoria Low, Consultant, World Sailing (and more)

  • 10:25 Coffee break
  • 11:10 How to concretely implement sustainable development recquirements into sailing events?
  • 11:40 How can the yacht racing industry protect underwater fauna from collisions with sailing boats?

    With Renaud Banuls, founder, BAÑULSDESIGN

  • Module 5 - TOP OF THE SPORT, presented by OC Sports

  • 11:55 Live call with Alex Thompson competing in the Vendée Globe
  • 12:10 Study of the economic spin-offs for the partners involved in the Vendée Globe

    With Antoine Robin, Consultant, Vendée Globe

  • 12:30 Lunch Break
  • 14:00 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award prize giving ceremony

    Celebration of the best sailing photos produced this year, and their authors.

  • 14:15 Update on the Star Sailors League Nations Gold Cup, less than a year prior to the event


    Michel Niklaus, founder, Star Sailors League

    Mateusz Kusznierewicz, pro sailor and manager

  • 14:30 Present and future of the Ultim Class

    With Emmanuel Bachellerie, President, Classe Ultim

  • 14:50 How COVID is helping shape the future of SailGP
  • 15:10 WMRT update


    James Pleasance, CEO, World Match Racing Tour

    Ian Williams, multiple match-race world champion

  • 15:30 Coffee Break
  • 16:10 What impact will the America's Cup new format have on mainstream sailing?
  • 16:50 Double handed offshore sailing, teams and event insights
  • 17:10 IMOCA and the Ocean Race: Two years to go!
  • 18:00 End
  • 19:30 Post-Event Drinks Reception provided by GAC Pindar