Former managing director of Renault F1, now managing director of CDK Technologies

Cyril Abiteboul

Cyril joined the Renault group in 2001 and became managing director of Renault F1. He is now managing director of CDK Technologies.

Holding two engineering degrees from Grenoble, Cyril joined the Renault group in 2001. An athlete and competitor, his initial contacts with the world of Formula 1 soon inspired in him a growing passion for this universe embracing technology, human and group performance, and a hothouse for unlimited commercial creativity. After a short period with the English niche carmaker Caterham, which enabled the revival of the Alpine brand, Cyril rejoined Renault group and played an active role in Renault’s return to F1. There he led the team’s reconstruction and refinancing, reviving their presence on the podiums in 2020. Following his departure from the group, Cyril retained his connection with motorsport by supporting the Mecachrome group, a precision engineering company involved in F1, F2, F3 and WEC, and joined the HCVC venture capital fund, to develop the domains of mobility and clean tech. Following its takeover by Inspiring Sport Capital, he is joining CDK Technologies and the sea, his other passion of choice, on 1 April 2022.