Rod Harris

Rod came to yachting photography curious via a circuitous route requiring various skills that combine to make him virtually unique at what he does.Yacht photography became a frame by which Rod developed a unique, enchanted way of capturing images with depth, perspective, and full of vision. His love for the sport is perspective driven by the interludes of crews engaging light, wind, sails, and sea with a sense of delight and surprise. For nearly fifteen years, he’s actively been involved as a sports photographer, mainly in Newport, RI, USA. His work has appeared in various magazines and periodicals, including The Islander, MCM, Barcos, Le Monde, and other general interests yachting magazines and journals around the world, to name a few. Rod’s nautical specialty requires skills on various levels, on land, water, and aerial (helicopter) photography. Rod has covered several yachting events, including the J Class World Championship, America’s Cup, The Ocean Race (formally the Volvo Ocean Race), 12 Metre Worlds, numerous yachting regattas, and many more.